Without manufacturing and production, there'd be no products to market or sell. Accountants wouldn't have anything to account for. The retail trade would collapse. Programmers would be without computers to program on. In short, there'd be very little need for any other career.

Investment into production is strong and more vacancies are arising in companies across the country for manual, semi-skilled, skilled and management roles within the production and operations field.

Careers in this sector are instrumental in manufacturing a huge range of products, including:

- Food and Drink
- Pharmaceuticals
- Clothing
- Plastics and Adhesives
- Heavy Machinery
- Cars and Military Vehicles

First and foremost, all areas of industrial production need factory floor staff, supervisors and managers to carry out and oversee the necessary practical work. These guys are the true core of the industry. Depending on the size of the organisation and the demand for their products, they may work on different shift patterns throughout the night and day.

CBS pride ourselves on placing the right candidate in the right placement. Not only will they have all the relevant skill sets and tickets but we strive to match both parties needs and values ensuring maximum productivity.