The sector covers a number of areas including freight logistics, supply chain management, passenger transport, vehicle manufacturing and retail, transport planning, and traffic management.

Passenger transport incorporates operations (driver, pilot and air crew), route planning, customer service and safety. This is then split into:

- Aviation;
- Bus and coach;
- Light rail, tram and metro services;
- Rail;
- Taxi and private hire;
- Water transport.

Logistics/supply chain can be broken down into:

- Freight transportation;
- Maritime and port operations;
- Postal and courier activities;
- Warehousing, storage and handling.

Large transport companies also recruit graduates to HR, finance, IT, sales and marketing, communications and procurement positions.

- 2.3 million people employed, that's 1 in 12 people in the UK working in a logistics role;
- The industry will need 450,000 new people over next 5 years (80% of those just to replace people leaving the industry);
- The average age of a HGV driver in the UK is 51, we need more young people!;
- 190,000 logistics companies in the UK, many of those small businesses;
- Worth £96 billion per year.

CBS have a vast database of experienced and reliable drivers ranging from HGV CLASS 1 drivers with experience using ADR, fridge, curtain, box, flatbed and much more through to van drivers and drivers mates.

All our drivers have their work history checked and licence verified with DVLA during a thorough registration process.